Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[class: PM Camp@Fast Campus#20] 제품 유지 보수하기 #2 (my note is WIP)

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제품 유지 보수하기 #2
제품의 유지 보수를 위한 실제 예제 분석
  • 고치려다 문제를 만든다?!
  • 좋은 개발 방법론의 정착과 Best Practice의 전략
  • 테스트? 테스트!

  1. Product Maintenance #2 [Sanghun Woo@Naver]
    1. lesson:
      1. retrospection
        1. method: collecting positives and negatives to sharpen the positives and improve the negatives
        2. prep for retrospection: facilitator’s role is important
          1. timeline method: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, … week
            1. which event occurred and how negatives can be overcome
          2. triple nickels (aka “rolling paper” method): 3x5 minutes (first 5-minute, write everything comes to mind; switch the paper and write on top of the previous write-up and iterate the process one more time; share at the end
      2. iteration plan by MoSCoW, user story point, etc.
      3. c.f. C=M (method: e.g. email, phone) * L (length: communication quantity e.g. email quantity)
      4. break-down user story by task
      5. know what’s completed and left
      6. constantly update backlog
      7. consider using Infographics app on Mac
      8. quality means no error
      9. the earlier errors are fixed, the lower the cost
      10. quality management = risk control
      11. cohort (e.g. 1회 대화, 5회 대화, 등록 후 로그인하지 않음, 유료) analysis: e.g. registered members in May vs. June
      12. myth about accumulated metric
      13. AARRR metrics
      14. 조건부
    2. personal takeaway:
      1. MoSCoW method