Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[class: PM Camp@Fast Campus#16] 사용자 행동 데이터 분석하기 #4 (my note is WIP)

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사용자 행동 데이터 분석하기 #4
구글 애널리틱스에서 A/B 테스트하기
  • A/B 테스팅 개요
  • Google Analytics에서 A/B 테스팅하기
  1. AB Testing [Gyuyoung Kang@Box and Whisker, Founder]
    1. lesson:
      1. in AB testing, need to determine KPI first
      2. battery usage ⇔ attention of users
      3. funnel : 3~5 % for funnel conversion is average, 10% is good
      4. captology  (computer aided persuasion technology): trying to persuade humans by computers e.g. tunneling
      5. hick’s law: item number ⇔ time spent for decision-making
      6. forms: progressive engagement e.g. Amazon doesn’t make users type address when signing up
      7. exploration exists for improving accuracy (c.f. exploration vs. exploitation)

    1. personal takeaway
      1. study hot topic author’s teacher’s book