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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[personal UX/UI review] information design for Google Knowledge Panel's "You will get updates on Google Now"

  • feature: Knowledge Panel feature on Google Search product
  • issue: not clear usage of words by "updates"
  • recommendation: if the "updates" is referring to Google+ posts, how about 
  • (1) using "Google Plus post updates" instead of "updates" to send a clear message so that users can not just be assured by where (i.e. Google Now card) the updates will be displayed and what kind of information (i.e. Google+ posts) will be updated
  • (2) removing the line under "Get updates about Kevin Kelly" and somehow put the get updates and "Recent posts" modules together so that information hierarchy is clear to understand
  • (3) inserting a new line between "Recent posts" and Books module because they are two different entity
  • lesson: in UI design, to avoid confusion sometimes it is important to specify what and where users get when they press a clickable link or button