Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[class: PM Camp@Fast Campus#18] 프로젝트 관리 기법 #2 (my note is WIP)

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프로젝트 관리 기법 #2
프로젝트를 관리하기 위한 실제 예제
  • 프로젝트 관리를 위한 산출물과 서비스
  • 오피스를 사용한 산출물 관리 실습
  • 도구를 사용한 테스크 관리 실습
  1. Project Management Example [Sanghun Woo@Naver, UGC Development Center]
    1. lesson:
      1. backlog: list up all features (c.f. backlog helps create burndown chart)
      2. daily meeting: ask members to bring write-ups for what they did, are doing, and current issues for 10-15 minute daily meeting
      3. mature organization: planning and result are the same (e.g. easy backup when the person in charge is not around, short integration speed)
      4. what’s important in project management
        1. purpose needs to be shared: e.g. create backlog and share with all members
        2. consistency between members’ responsibility and task
        3. break-down big tasks into small tasks
        4. teamwork
        5. communication
      5. outsourcing: try to avoid outsourcing in software development
      6. user story: 누가, 무엇을 달성하기 위해, 이런 기능이 필요하다 (i.e. As a …, I want …, so that …)

    1. personal takeaway:
      1. user story: A user story is a tool used in Agile software development to capture a description of a software feature from an end-user perspective. The user story describes the type of user, what they want and why. A user story helps to create a simplified description of a requirement. <source: Wikipedia>