Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[class: PM Camp@Fast Campus#17] 프로젝트 관리 기법 #1 (my note is WIP)

7. 4 토
프로젝트 관리 기법 #1
성공하는 프로젝트 vs 실패하는 프로젝트
  • 성공/실패하는 프로젝트의 징조
  • 기능은 어떻게 나누고 일정은 얼마나 추정할까
  • 에자일 개발의 빛과 그림자
  • PM은 무슨 일을 해야 할까?
  • 외주, 유혹하는 성배
  1. Project Management- Meaning, Risk, and Success of Project  [Sanghun Woo@Naver, UGC Development Center (Cafe, Blog, Knowledge Man)]
    1. lesson:
      1. plan for the next weeks at PM class: project, methodology for project management, JIRA, user story, cohort analysis, Excel
      2. meaning
        1. what is project? new product making process, delivering complete project
        2. who is project manager? a person who knows completion of project
      3. risk
        1. serious risk for project management: not knowing progress of project status
        2. reason for risk management: difficult to measure productivity for knowledge workers
          1. man month myth occurs due to
            1. redistribution chaos: work change and switching cost?
            2. lack of discipline
            3. communication loss
          2. always communicate and open information by using all possible channels and methods
      4. success
        1. define success: cost reduction, revenue growth, etc.
        2. understand context: why this project got to be created, where this project exists in terms of priority
        3. driver (견인인자) and driver of project component for success
          1. client:
            1. triggering (1)
            2. UI (2)
            3. interaction (3)
            4. latency (4)
            5. browser support level (5)
            6. desktop, mobile and tablet support (6)
            7. i18n support (7)
            8. bug level by seriousness (8)
            9. time to delivery (9)
          2. internal: time
        4. constraint (제한인자):
        5. communicate driver and constraint

    1. personal takeaway:
      1. know risks and expose them
      2. receive manager’s sponsorship
      3. Pomodoro technique for time management: read
      4. PM may needs to know career development plans for designers and developers
      5. help build love points