Thursday, August 27, 2015

[idea: product] NLP (natural language processing) application for life-restoring contents (e.g. the Bible)

idea: as soon as people type Bible related query, we get quick answers with some options (e.g. changing source version)

background: a plethora of people searching Bible texts everyday and cutting steps to find Bible text, one of the largely searched info (source needed), can increase access frequency and take out barriers to find the truth to be shaped by the truth so that we will live a life God originally intended us to live

UI: e.g. for Bible, answer text on top and changeable book and source info with version at the bottom 

  • saying or typing [john 3:16], [john 3 16] or [john three sixteen] on any platform (e.g. iOS, Android, Auto, Wear, Android TV, future virtual reality) will return the searched Scripture (with or without TTS)
    • TTS: e.g. [Romans 10 17], [Romans chapter 10 verse 17], [tell me Romans 10 17], [read Romans 10 17] triggers "Romans chapter 10 verse 17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ." 
  • changing book or source info will return relevant text
  • i18n and l10n: e.g. [요한복음 3장 16절] for Korean
  • default source version: displaying verse in previously selected version
  • query suffix/prefix : e.g. for [john 3 16 niv], display the version in users' typed version
  • finding book, chapter, verse: e.g. [where in the Bible is faith comes from hearing] or [faith comes from hearing] returns "Romans 10 17" 
tool: (link)

c.f. add gamification