Thursday, May 1, 2014

[lecture] 포탈회사의 연구개발 : Naver Labs 를 중심으로- 송창현 Naver Labs 연구센터장

포탈회사의 연구개발 : Naver Labs 를 중심으로
-       (translation) R&D at Portal Company : Naver Labs
KAIST Dogok Software Grad School Chin’s AMP Hall 103-ho
May 1, 2014 5PM~6PM
송창현, Naver Labs 연구센터장
-       (translation) Chang Hyun Song; Research Head, Naver Labs
KAIST Software Graduate Program
Naver Labs management

I.       Message
1.       Employee: 130 at Naver Labs
2.       Product example: voice communication, wine label and music detection
3.       Admin position: created an admin position which handles most of non-engineering works
4.       Ways to adopt new technology: licensing, HW/SW tuning, open source SW, internal TFT (e.g. expert organization)
5.       Software strategy
1)      Establishment of Naver Labs allowed Naver to move from tactical to strategic and pure research
2)      Research and development should go together
6.       Criteria for employee evaluation: growth, technology, leadership, collaboration
7.       Internal technology festival: invite employees in other departments (e.g. PM, sales) to show developed technology (e.g. Similar to Microsoft’s internal TechFest)
8.       Sensual content filtering: manual filtering e.g. 100 employees
9.       People management: anytime interruption is allowed unless the employee’s timeslot is marked as no interruption

II.      Takeaway
1.       Create an admin position to accelerate development
2.       Ways to adopt new technology