Saturday, September 28, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] YouTube date location issue

I like YouTube and use it for finding video resources because videos are almost always easier and clearer to understand than text-only info.  However, many times I find myself frustrated with situations like below.
Issue: must select About tab whenever I want to see uploaded date. 

Solution: make the date information always available (e.g. put it next to the subscriber number)

Lesson: sometimes some information needs to be always there (e.g. time, battery, network info on iOS) 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] iOS App Store search box size

Issue: App Store's search box is too small to see what you are typing in both vertical and horizontal mode (c.f. Google Chrome browser search box size)

Solution: though taking some space, reserve a real estate for a search box so that users can see what they are typing

[event] YouTube Pulse- Moving People to Choose Your Brand via YouTube

Moving People to Choose Your Brand via YouTube
Blue Square nearby Hangangjin Station
September 25, 2013 3PM~6PM
Simon Kahn, 서황욱, 김범휴, 이선정, 조유미, 김형준, 박준철, 김혜진, 정진향
Google Korea
New media, YouTube stat., success case, YouTube strategy

I.       YouTube Vision: New Opportunities Placed upon Us [Simon Kahn, Google APAC CMO]
1.       Message
1)      Age change: broadcast age-> participation age
2)      Media industry change: one sided-> multi-sided
3)      Generation C= curation, creation, connection, and communication
4)      Stat: 65% share videos, 58% find interesting contents on YouTube easier than TV
5)      Success case:
  Dove’s beauty campaign- brand as creator?
  GoPro camera- brand as curator
  Chevy OK Go- brand as collaborator
2.       Takeaway
1)      New media era sharing videos has arrived

II.      10 Fun Facts about YouTube [김범휴 차장, Google Korea 전략광고주 사업본부; 이승엽 부장, TNS Korea]
1.       Message
1)      [YouTube Korean User Report] 6/5~7/9/2013, 16~60 year-olds 2,000 users in Korea
  Top of mind (TOM): 6 out of 10 chose YouTube
  Reason for TOM: content coverage, availability of when, where, and any device access
  Content category consumed: information search > music > leisure
A       C.f. Music video 53% > professional video 14% > how-to video 13%
  Activities after watching YouTube videos: search for related video 60%, other video search 59%, website visits 58%, SNS sharing 44%
2.       Takeaway
1)      Content characteristic to increase brand engagement: humor
3.       Reflection
1)      Professional and how-to video contents will be more popular in the near future

III.     Dialogue with YouTube Content Creator [이선정 이사, Google YouTube Partnership; 대도서관]
1.       Message
1)      Trend: personal entertainment (reason: mania related, curiosity, hobby group)
2.       Takeaway
1)      Build contents consistently so that users can come back for more
2)      Differentiate your content with your own competitive edge aka personality
3)      If you’re a broadcaster, create 짤방 version so that users can easily share without editing your original content

IV.    What is the Future of Content: We God Married Global Edition [조유미 대표, Leo Burnett Korea]
1.       Message
1)      People respond to emotional and storytelling contents
2)      Make content bring vicarious satisfaction to viewers
3)      Create
  Also teaser contents and link them to original full contents
  Making film
4)      Connect almost all content to e-commerce

V.      Beyond TV: Cross and Link Media [김형준 수석 프로듀서, KBS]
1.       Message
1)      Case: A Song for You program
  Increase retention rate
  Use PPL-allowed platform to advertise partners’ products

VI.    YouTube Success Case with Loen [박준철 수석 프로듀서, Loen Entertainment]
1.       Message
1)      Content
  Official content
  Original content
  Mobile friendly
2)      Exposure
  Relationship- it’s okay to include mistakes
  Thumbnail- show more contents
  Channel art- daily update the art
  Translation- English and Japanese will bring more engagement of international viewers
  Monitoring- analyze in-flow and user pattern
3)      In-flow
  Annotation- take advantage of in-video (e.g. next video annotation), special effect

VII.   Realizing “” YouTube [김혜진 부장, SKT Marketing Communication]
1.       Message
1)      Use multising (definition: an advertising method which advertises on online and social network first, then expands to traditional media such as TV and newspaper)
2)      Technology change changed content consumption type from audio in 3G to video in LTE
3)      Annotation: somewhat like long tail, only about 1% viewers click but it’s worth it.

VIII.  Creative for the Digital Age [정진향 팀장, Yuhan Kimberly]
1.       Message
1)      Find common denominator between your audience and company

IX.    Question:
1.       How do you make your client to come to your event to talk about partnership?

X.      Other insight from David Chung (
1.       “People don’t lie when they search”- search queries reveals my true interest
2.       Google is trying to show you relevant and current data.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] YouTube Pulse event

An afternoon at YouTube (YT) Pulse event

<definition: Pulse means a medium size YouTube event?^^

positive: cute Android characters; perhaps one of the reasons is to dismiss clients, advertisers and partners' any negative feelings towards Android platform>

<positive: simple registration booth design>

<issue: complicated route guideline

solution: make path intuitively understandable>

<positive: a good choice of small size event site>

<positive: giant infographics in entrance>

<issue: infographics is not well organized; hard to see why information is organized that way

solution: put a label on each infographics group e.g. device types, hours spent, locations used>

<positive (good approach!): some interesting hands-on activities to reflect one of the speakers' message (e.g. how-to video 13% of YT search; c.f. music video 53%, professional video 14%)>

<positive: intuitive floor guide>

<positive: good casting and storytelling<- how Crayon Pop has gained national if not global recognition; of course, the answer is a platform you know intimately>

Overall, the experience was 7/10. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] a coffee shop's differentiation

Today as I was walking up a street near to work, I found this shop. 

Positive: neat idea to differentiate a coffee shop from other stores around it

Explanation: 1. Placed wooden stair-like and grass-like installment to differentiate the shop's front from others around it
2. Put beach chairs to generate comfy feeling 
3. Played songs that go along with the above setup

[Personal UX/UI review] Samsung smartphones and tablets battery indicator deesign

Happened to find battery GUI differences among Galaxy smartphones and tablet. 

Issue: [inconsistency] battery GUI

Solution: keep core GUI components consistent within all Samsung devices 

Lesson: [integration and consistency] small design differences when all add up, even small can make a powerful case

Sunday, September 22, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] Line Camera

Positive: [convenience] reduce users' touches to find photos to edit

Comment: quite surprised to see a "Korean" app enhancing usability

[Personal UX/UI review] iOS 7's Volume image

Issue: this Volumn image blocks content behind
Solution: give the image a bit more transparency