Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] YouTube Pulse event

An afternoon at YouTube (YT) Pulse event

<definition: Pulse means a medium size YouTube event?^^

positive: cute Android characters; perhaps one of the reasons is to dismiss clients, advertisers and partners' any negative feelings towards Android platform>

<positive: simple registration booth design>

<issue: complicated route guideline

solution: make path intuitively understandable>

<positive: a good choice of small size event site>

<positive: giant infographics in entrance>

<issue: infographics is not well organized; hard to see why information is organized that way

solution: put a label on each infographics group e.g. device types, hours spent, locations used>

<positive (good approach!): some interesting hands-on activities to reflect one of the speakers' message (e.g. how-to video 13% of YT search; c.f. music video 53%, professional video 14%)>

<positive: intuitive floor guide>

<positive: good casting and storytelling<- how Crayon Pop has gained national if not global recognition; of course, the answer is a platform you know intimately>

Overall, the experience was 7/10.