Saturday, November 2, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] success factor for a chicken franchise

1. convenient food- chickens with no bones providing a sense of relief in eating chicken
2. simple menu choice- mainly two (i.e. sweet, spicy) providing easy selections for a quick bite
3. transparency in food making- visible food process satisfying hygienic needs 

Recommendation: provide a pricing of  6,000 KRW for a half and half menu (i.e. half sweet and half spicy) to fill in the niche needs to have both 
(c.f. In Korean culture, people love sharing food; part of the reason for sharing is to fulfill curiosity for other options or perhaps to have it all with psychological reasons. For example, this curiosity concerning food in its "ultimate" form can be portrayed in mixed food menu (aka 짬짜면) as commonly found in Korean Chinese restaurants.)