Monday, October 22, 2012

[quote] what to say and how to say

Jesus said the following in John 12:49: "For I did not speak of my own accord, but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it." 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[website] javascript learning website for kids

[video] what do service designers do?

title : what do service designers do? (the Oxford study of designing for services)

1. looking at the human experience as a whole and in detail

touch points- posters, leaflets, packaging of the test kits, interactions bt people, websites

2. made the service tangible and visible

3. creating service concepts- through results of the activities

[lecture] Don Norman at IIT Design Research Conference 2010

lecturer: Don Norman
place: IIT Institute of Design

Goals of design research:
1. to understand people, groups, societies
2. applied social science : learn new insights

Research skills needs to lead to practice skills or vice versa.

Technology or meaning change (concept change)
e.g. swatch- changed the meaning of watch ownership from one watch to multiple (wearing a watch depending on people's clothes, etc)

Innovations in interaction for electronic media
- commands (grep-i hcd filename), discrete actions & objects->
menus & mice (GUIs), discret actions & objects->
gestures (sensors), discret actions & objects->
gestures & body language, continuous actions & objects (fly, skim, view, travel, flicks)

Classes of innovation
1. incremental - human-centered design, conventional DR (design research)
2. technological - technologists & inventors
3. meaning - design-driven innovation, innovative DR (meaning makers)

Two theme
a. the research-product gap- fundamental mismatch in engineering, natural sciences, behavioral and social sciences, design
b. innovation- incremental (HCD & DR), radical (technologists & inventors), radical (design-driven)

a. research-product gap-> tranlational engineering
b. innovation-> incremental (HCD/DR in good shape), radical (leave technolog innovation to inventors), radical (meaning innovation is powerful opportunity)

Design firms need to be translational engineering people.